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精品展览:玉器 玛瑙

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精品展览:玉器 玛瑙

玉器  玛瑙


扳指重量   22.4g 直径3cm

镯子重量  97.4g  外径8cm 内径6.5cm

烟嘴两个 共计33g

Jade agate

Number: DLSX - 00056

Weight 22.4g diameter 3cm

Bracelet weight is 97.4g outer diameter 8cm inner diameter 6.5cm

The two cigarette holders are 33g in total

玉扳指    扳指是一种射箭工具,戴于拇指,正下方有一个槽,用来扣住弓弦以便拉箭,作用是防止放箭时,急速回抽的弓弦擦伤手指。因功能类似扳机,故又称为“机”。后来引申为能够决断事务,具有身份和能力的象征。

Yu zha zha is an archery tool, which is worn on the thumb with a groove just below it. It is used to buckle the bowstring to pull the arrow. The purpose is to prevent the bowstring from scraping the finger when the arrow is released.Because the function is similar to the trigger, it is also called "machine".Later extended to be able to make decisions, with a symbol of identity and ability.

玉镯子    指戴在手、脚腕部的环状饰物。质地为金属、矿物质等,如金镯、玉镯。意谓圆满,并有传承意涵,加上能保值增值,深受大众喜爱。和耳环、项链、戒指一样,手镯作为一种首饰,被人们作为服装的配套装饰,作为艺术品来修饰自己,作为个人风格、爱好的一种装扮手段,正在被越来越多的人所接受并运用。手镯的佩戴,其审美功能往往是第一位的。

Jade bracelet refers to wear on the hand, ankle ring ornaments.Texture for metal, minerals, such as gold bracelets, jade bracelets.It means perfection, and has the meaning of inheritance, plus can preserve and increase value, popular with the public.And earring, necklace, ring, bracelet as a kind of jewelry, by people as a clothing matching decoration, as art to decorate their own, as a personal style, hobby of a means of dressing, is being accepted and used by more and more people.Bracelet wear, its aesthetic function is often the first.

烟嘴    在中国烟草盛行之初,本无烟嘴之说,只要一根中空的木杆前面加个盛放烟草的器具就可以了,至到后来为了更舒服的吸食烟草才出现了铜质中空的烟嘴,其后又因身份的不同而制作了象牙、玉石金银、花梨木、镶嵌等等,而普通老百姓则大多还是用铜质的烟嘴。此烟嘴保存完整,包浆自然厚重,十分具有收藏价值。

Cigarette holder at the beginning of the prevalence of tobacco in China, there is no cigarette holder of the said, as long as a hollow wooden instruments of adding a cheng fang tobacco is ok, until later in order to more comfortable hollow copper has been in the tobacco smoking a cigarette holder, then by different identity made of ivory, jade, gold and silver, hua limu, Mosaic and so on, while ordinary people for the most part or copper with a cigarette holder.The cigarette holder is well preserved and the wrapped pulp is natural and thick.

簪子    发簪,古代中国用来固定和装饰头发的一种首饰。对于现代女性来说已经是一个很古老的名词了,但是当在看古装剧时,却总是能被它们点缀出的精致效果所折服。将长发松松挽起,插上一枚别致的发簪,再配上典雅的长裙,即便性格再外放的女性,也可以成为让人眼前一亮的古典美人。发簪金属的光泽闪耀在发间,加上小而巧的坠饰,长发的风情便又是一种不一样的感受了。此簪子为银嵌玛瑙,做工精细,品相完好,发簪是几千年华夏文化的“果实”, 发簪更是历史精华结成的“华彩”。具有一定的收藏价值。

Hairpin, a kind of jewelry used to fix and decorate hair in ancient China.For modern women has been a very old term, but when watching costume dramas, but always be able to be decorated by their delicate effect.Pull long hair loose rise, insert a chic hairpin, deserve to go up again elegant long skirt, even if the woman that disposition puts again outside, also can become the classic beauty that lets a person shine at the moment.The burnish of hairpin metal shines between hair, add small and artful fall act the role of, the amorous feelings of long hair is a kind of different experience again.This hairpin is silver inlaid agate, fine workmanship, good appearance, hairpin is thousands of years of Chinese culture "fruit", hairpin is the history of the essence of "brilliance".Have certain collect value.

莲年有鱼挂件    中国人爱鱼,因为“鱼”与“余”谐音,所以鱼象征着富贵。她给予人们美好的心理暗示:每一年都有个好的丰收、生活富足有余。能给自己留有足够的剩余。所以鱼是象征着富贵之意,人们常用如鱼得水来形容在工作生活中的顺利。所以人们现在不仅是画像上见到鱼的身影,很多摆件饰品都是鱼的形象。一般鱼都与莲在一起。“莲年有鱼”,说的就是“连年有余”。寓意吉祥。

Chinese love fish, because "fish" and "yu" homonym, so the fish symbol of wealth.She gave people a good psychological hint: every year has a good harvest, rich and abundant life.Give yourself enough left over.So fish is a symbol of wealth, people often used to describe the smooth work in life.So now people not only see the shadow of fish on the portrait, a lot of ornaments are the image of fish.Generally, fish are mixed with lotus."Lotus year have fish", say of be "year in succession surplus".It means good luck.